Grolar Bear Photo

The grolar bear, Ursus nanulakus, is the top predator of northern North America in the Neocene. It ranges from the mountains of Oregon to the forests of Alaska where it thrives as by far the largest predatory animal on land. Grolar bears started out as a hybrid to due interbreeding between grizzly bears and polar bears in the Holocene. But after the Holocene Mass Extinction it slowly evolved into its own species. Its species name, nanulakus, comes from a mix of the Inuktitut words "Nanuk", which means polar bear, and "Aklak", which means grizzly bear. Due to starting out as a grizzly/polar bear hybrid, grolar bears can eat plants like grizzlies, but like polar bears they prefer to eat meat. The grolar's favorite prey animals are elk and moose, but it is not very picky and will even hunt down cattle, muskoxen, and bison. The only other predator it competes with is the giant cougar. While the largest modern cougar weighed nearly 300 lb, but giant cougars can weigh up to 560 lb. However, even they prefer to keep their distance from grolar bears, which can weigh between 920 and 1,290 lb. Grolar bears are typically yellowish white with brown patches around their mouth, eyes, hump, and rump.